Old Man Diode


 Valve is a new project from Old Man Diode, created over two years of experimentation with field recordings and live electronics with Guy Wood and Rasmus Zschoch.

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 straight up dance music from O.M.D. single releases including Smoke:Black/Amber and remixes for artists including Public Service Broadcasting, I.R.O.K, Ultrasound and Deathray Trebuchay.


Music created across a seven year span by long time collaborators Old Man Diode and Rick Holland, featuring an array of vocalists - Beth Rowley, Onalee, Andrew Plummer, Chris James and I Am Fya. The project produced 3 singles, and Album and an EP released by WW Records and performed an amazing live show with visual artist David Altweger across the UK and Europe between 2008 and 2015. Hear the music and buy the album here